The Ardèche, Paradise for Sportive Challenges

The Ardèche offers the sporty many possibilities. Some ideas.

Kayaking. World famous is sailing through the gorges of the Ardèche .

Rock Climbing. Opportunities abound, all levels are available, magnificent climbing walls.

Cableway and Via Ferrata. Always spectacular.

Ride A Bike. Summits from 700 to 1500 meters. Quiet, low-traffic routes, scenic views. A racing bike and good condition are necessary. Will you do it some more relaxing?

Close to L'Angelot you can rent an E-bike. Ask us for information. Early reservations are recommended.

Canyoning. Accompanied by experienced guides in the rock rivers of the Ardèche.

Caving. Again, this is done in groups with guides .
But there is more... In addition to these activities, there are three that are worth additional mentioning. They apply to all seasons and you can practice them from our house:

Hiking. L' Angelot has tailored walks that have our house as a starting and ending point. These walks vary from 2 hours to a whole day. They perform the most beautiful hiking trails in the area, along with a variety of attractions and picturesque hamlets. We can provide clear maps with explanations and backgrounds. All the walks have been done by ourselves and we can highly recommend them.

Tennis. Antraigues-sur-Volane has two all-weather tennis courts that can be played by the guests of L'Angelot. The fields are located at a 5 minutes walk from our house. From the tennis court you have a view on the village on the hill. An idyllic spot for a solid tennis match!

Pétanque. Mother of all sports for the French? Who knows. Fact: 'jeu de boules' is one of the traditions of our village. You can give it a try yourselve by borrowing balls at L'Angelot and go to the village square where you are in good company. Just watching? Possibly even more interesting! Daily the 'boulistes' of Antraigues play "à la Lyonnaise ", a game type where you can not rope to tie in the beginning but once you hit home in the rules it is mighty interesting and exciting to follow.


And ... Swimming! Of course you can swim to your heart's content. Optional: lengths in our 15 meter pool (see above) or make a 5 minute walk to the 'plan d'eau' of Antraigues, a basin where your lovely swim in the river. Or how about a game of pool volleyball in our pool?

Winter activities. Winter sports in the Ardèche? Yes: skiing near l'Angelot! From January up to March you can enjoy winter sports at about 1 hour drive from L' Angelot. Several accommodations for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing , snowshoeing ( snowshoes) -walks etc. Of course, we can not offer 'the Alps'. Also, it is at an altitude of 1000 to 1500 meters not so snow sure as in the Alps. But the fact is that already several of our guests learned to ski the last few years in the Ardèche!

Jogging. Also a very popular sport with our guests. There is a varied and shaded trail of about 5 km that begins at the foot of our driveway. A half and half paved path, perfect for a brisk workout. The trail is located at the bottom of the valley through which the rise and fall is limited. Don't forget your jogging  shoes!

Hot air ballooning. The Montgolfier brothers, inventors of the hot air balloon, are from the Ardèche. There is a museum and you can sign up for a maiden flight.

Motorcycling in the Ardèche is a delight. Where the car can not get, where it is too remote for the bike and where it is too far for walkers, one often finds the most beautiful spots.  You can take the smallest roads leading to tiny picturesque hamlets. We have a large garage where the motor bike(s) can be stored safely .

Convertible Driving: a good way to smoothly and comfortable enjoy the scents and colors of Ardèche nature. In recent years we had a lot of convertible drivers that loved the excellent however often narrow roads in the Ardèche. Above: Ralph and Pip from Surrey leave L'Angelot in their Jaguar C Type.

We were so excited by their stories that we acquired a convertible MG, a new world was open to us! Below: Ilse and Max-Lena in our MGf.

Finally ...

Dream away... Is your partner one that can not sit still but is always looking for relaxation by exertion... And do you meanwhile like to dive into a good book? Then L'Angelot is the right place for you. We have nice spots where you can dream away in the shade of a chestnut tree or at the edge of the swimming pool. Or relax in the hammock ...

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