Directions to B&B L'Angelot

We advise our guests who travel by car to print these directions and to consult them once arriving in Antraigues. They will be usefull  during the last 2 kilometers also if you use a navigation system!

L'Angelot is located very close to Antraigues-sur-Volane, a village in the heart of the French Ardèche, a lush, green and sunny region in Southern France.

By car:

Coming from the north: take on Motorway A7 Exit n° 16 ‘Loriol’.
Coming from the south: take on Motorway A7 Exit n° 18 ‘Montelimar Sud’.

It takes about one hour to drive via Aubenas and Vals-les-Bains to Antraigues.
Once you arrive at Antraigues:
Follow the sign ‘Centre Bourg” (very sharp bend to the right). Turn left at VIVAL supermarket and follow the road down for about 500 m. Than follow ‘toutes directions’ (again a very sharp bend to the right) and follow a narrow road (carefull!). Turn left after the first house. You cross a little river and directly after you turn right and follow the sign on the rock: “l’Angelot 500 m”.
There is parking space behind the garage.
"Fly & Drive" or "Train & Drive"

Since several airlines have flights from England to various French airports it might be practical for you to consider "Fly & Drive". The airports of Lyon (British Midland), Nîmes (Ryan Air from Luton) and Grenoble (Ryan Air from Stansted) are all at only 2 hours driving from L'Angelot.  At each airport you can rent a car with the major rental companies.

Eurostar/TGV is a fast way to cross France while enjoying the beautiful countryside. Through the internet you can find direct connections for Avignon but mostly there is a change of trains in Lille or Paris. You also can choose the destinations Valence or Montelimar which are even a bit closer to the Ardèche! At each station the major car rental companies have there offices.
By car it takes max. 2 hours to drive to L'Angelot. To be more specific:

from Avignon: 2 hours
from Valence: 1h 30 m
from Montelimar: 1h 15 m

Starting May 1st 2015 there is a fast Eurostar (less than 6 hours) from London St. Pancras to Avignon TGV!